develop your writing skills

As you prepare to complete your Final Project Essay, share your thesis statement and your thoughts for developing your paper with your peers. Think about how reading and responding to each type of literature through our discussions and essay assignments has helped develop your writing skills.


Please post a short description of your final paper, as well as your thesis statement. This is a good place for you to share your ideas with your classmates, and hopefully get some good feedback.

Also, in your initial post, think about the dialectical reflections we’ve had done this term in workshops and discussions. Try to summarize where you are with your writing. This will drive the type of feedback you’ll receive in this discussion. Here are some questions to guide your thought process:

How have you developed as a writer throughout this course?
What specific things need improvement in your writing? What particular challenges do you face?
What do you plan to try or do differently in your final paper?

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