Family Diversity

Describing family diversity, the Blackwell encyclopedia of sociology states the following: “Historically, the term family diversity referred to variations from a traditional family. This implied that there was one best type of family and that all other family types were dysfunctional and deviant. In a more contemporary view, family diversity refers to a broad range of characteristics or dimensions on which families vary, along with a recognition that there is a multitude of different family types that function effectively. Family diversity thus refers to variations along structural or demographic dimensions (e.g., race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status), as well as in family processes (e.g., communication and parenting behaviors).”

Don’t use any sources because it’s not needed For this post, I would like for you to share one feature of your own family that you think differs from a ‘traditional’ family. Please reflect on the sources of that difference (cultural, ethnic, class, biological, economic, etc.), what it means for your family, and how our society can benefit from diversity.

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