O.J Simpson murder trial of 1995

(DO NOT INCLUDE ANY INFORMATION ON THE CIVIL CASE OR CRIMINAL CASES THAT FOLLOWED.) At the time of the O.J. Simpson trial, list and describe some of the different methods used by the American Law enforcement community as well as the law enforcement officials investigating this case to measure crime and criminal behavior patterns. Research the schools of thoughts and theories of criminal behavior discussed in this course. Choose two. Describe the criminology approach or theory. Does this theory relate to O.J. Simpson? How? Why? Explain. Are there any alternative explanations of crime that relates to this case. What crimes was O.J. Simpson indicted on? What aspects of the crime that occurred proved O.J. Simpson met each of the criminal elements needed to charge him with the crimes he was indicted on. Discuss the steps of the criminal process as it relates to this case? How did the law enforcement officers begin the investigation? What steps were taken to indict O.J. Simpson? Explain how and when he was arrested, the steps of the trial process, and the final verdict process. What issues were presented in this case that relate to human diversity in the Criminal Justice system? ( TIMES NEW ROMAN 12 FONT) (ONE INCH MARGINS) This paper will be turned into “Turnitin” for for originality check (no more than 25% of word for word should be taken from outside references). Thank you so much 🙂 🙂
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