Reporting elder Abuse

After completing the readings, please provide responses for the questions below. Please use an APA style citation and references for the responses to reflect the book, article or webpage you’re referring to in crafting your response. Also, make sure to explain ‘why’ with supporting evidence and concepts from the materials provided. Include in-text citations and associated references in a reference list. Use of the course materials is required along with outside sources.

In this discussion, we’re going to take a look at issues associated with reporting known or suspected cases of elder abuse and the abuse of persons with disabilities.

Helpful web sites:

• RAINN (Under Search type in “State Law Database” then choose Maryland as your state. Click on “Mandatory Reporting: The Elderly”)
• National Domestic Violence Hotline
• National Committee for the Prevention of Elder Abuse

For the purposes of this discussion, focus on the state of Maryland and respond to all of the following questions.

Name of state: Maryland

1. Who are the mandated reporters?
2. Who is exempt from reporting (if applicable)?
3. What is the definition of an “adult”?
4. What are the penalties for failing to report?
5. What information is needed for the report?
6. Is there anything particularly helpful and/or harmful about the manner in which your state deals with reporting elder abuse and/or abuse against a person with disabilities?

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