Thinking About Doctrines Essay

The purpose of this assignment is for you to begin thinking theologically about the doctrines of the Christian faith. Undoubtedly, you come into this course with theological presuppositions and beliefs that have been learned through familial, cultural, and ecclesial structures. As you learn through this course, you will be challenged by different theological perspectives and learn to dialogue critically with them. This is a reflective paper in which you are expected to sketch your own theological context and prepare for enriching theological discussions with students from different backgrounds.

The paper should accomplish the following in 500-750 words:

Reflect on your theological foundation by briefly assessing your religious, denominational, and cultural background. Ponder on how these contexts have shaped and will continue to shape your theological foundation.
Explain the task of theology as faith seeking understanding. As you prepare to learn from others and critique your own perspectives, how will you stay grounded in the knowledge that theology begins and ends from a perspective of faith?
Articulate the significance of identifying first, second, and third order Christian doctrines as you begin to dialogue with opposing theological views. Why must theological unity in first order doctrines be more important than differences of opinion in second and third order doctrines? Give examples.
Answer the following question: As you consider the Holy Scriptures in toto, what would you personally identify as key issues regarding the inspiration and authority of Scripture?
Outline specific ways in which you will endeavor to approach theological discussions in a respectful and humble manner with other students.


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