This I believe” essay

Write an essay with high school complexity because my teacher would know i paid someone to write my essay as I suck at writing.

Also, I am 16 years old, so please don’t include any adult scenarios. I also don’t do any bad stuff (you will understand when reading the prompt). I don’t smoke, drink, nor have i had any sexual encounters.

for the essay:
– i believe in justice, equality, helping others, having moral values, good nature

some of the things that I have had experienced in my life (you will understand why I wrote this when you read the prompt):
– my brother getting seizures in front of me (made me appreciate my family)
– i got bullied when i was younger. Kids used to sing bad songs about me and make fun of my clothing or how i looked.
– always taught to help out other people who are in need especially when it comes to family

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