Time Machine Apprentice

Time Machine Apprentice Discussion Instructions
“I met________. He/She is my favorite artist!” – Time Machine Apprentice
After learning so much of our Western Art shared legacy you will have a chance to give free reign to your imagination. What would happen if you found a Time Machine and could pick any time to travel to and any artist to travel and meet? Who would it be? When and where are they living and working? How would they live? What painting are they working on when you make your visit?

The Time Machine Apprentice is a chance you have to imagine yourself a direct student or helper to a Master Artist, a chance to delve into what it would have been like, and share your findings with the class. This is a rich topic for research on every aspect of that artist’s life and work.

Your initial Discussion response must adhere to the posted Assignment Guidelines and have a length of 300 – 400 words. Your second quality post to another student will be at least 100 words and will provide new and relevant information on the other student’s topic.

The Discussion assignment is worth 70-points total. Your initial response portion is worth 65-points and your interaction portion to a classmate is worth 5-points.

Assignment Guidelines
You must choose an artist you would have liked to have met or seen work. Imagine being able to time travel to where they live and work, to be able to work, apprentice or help them. Once you have identified him or her, please answer the following prompts:

INTRODUCE the artist you selected. Tell us about them, when they lived, how and for whom they worked.
SHARE why you picked them. What attracted you to that artist.
RESEARCH your subject. Identify and utilize at least two scholarly resources beyond course materials and provide a citation list for your two sources.
INVESTIGATE where they lived, living conditions, social customs, and what life would have been like for you in those days as a helper/apprentice of this artist.
INSERT AN IMAGE (do not attach a file, insert the picture) of the work of art that your artist was working on when you visit them. Tell us about the particular work, subject matter, iconography, materials, etc.
Upon coming back to our present time…what do you think you would miss the most about living in that time and being around that particular artist?

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