(Writer’s choice

pick an. article that connects to this reading

Guidelines for Reaction Papers –
1. Select a news article from one of the recommended sources or another reputable media source Your news article must be no more than 7 days old, and your reaction paper must pertain to that week’s topic. You cannot retroactively hand in reaction papers unless a documented absence prevented you from handing it in on time. One must be handed in (at least) before the midterm. I will drop the lowest grade.
2. Connect the news article to that week’s class readings in a short reflection paper. You should:
a. Identifythereadingorreadingstowhichyournewsstoryconnects(and cite page numbers appropriately) – this is essential to receive credit for the assignment
b. Discusswhetherornotthenewsitemfallsinlinewithwhatwe would expect to see happening in American politics, and why/why not?
c. Make sure that your paper is well-written, with a clear introductory paragraph, well-constructed sentences, and free of any proofreading errors
d. Ensurethatyouhavecitedbothyourclassreadingsandyournews article within the text using an appropriate citation method (either in-text parenthetical references, or footnotes/endnotes)
e. Includethelinktothearticleattheendofyourpaper
3. Your reaction paper should:
a. Beapproximately1.5-2pages,double-spaced(thoughnomorethan 3.0 pages)
b. UseTimesNewRomanfont,size12,with1”marginsonallsides
c. Have, as a header, your name and the date on which you are handing in the assignment

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