Conversation Topic

Research Paper Guidelines

Contributing to the conversation

In the synthesis paper you presented the conversation around your topic. For your research paper you must now insert yourself into the conversation. This project asks you to research a topic and develop an argument around an element of the topic. Three ways scholarly arguments tend to pitch their contribution to the conversation are correcting-misinterpretations, filling-the-gap, and modifying-what-others-have-said. You are welcome to follow these patterns or discuss your position in some other way. The topic is of your own choosing. You should use the research you have already done from your synthesis paper however, if in the course of writing your synthesis paper you found that you wanted to change topics you can change your topic for the research paper if you are willing to do new research for it.


The format for this project is that of an essay, however, if there is a more appropriate format given your topic and audience, you can consider using another format. You audience is your choice but it should be clear from the presentation, word choice, and evidence who your intended audience is.

Your discussion should establish what the current conversation is like around your topic/issue and what your contribution to that conversation is.


 1 peer-reviewed source must be used (which is my synthesis paper)
 5 sources minimum
 1000 – 1500 words (add me into the conversation should be total 1000-1500 words. Because this research paper should use the research i have already done from my synthesis paper and it is already 900 words, so when you add me into the conversation, it only have to be around 250 words )
 2 visuals (pictures, charts or graphs)
 Provide at least one example of quantitative data used as support for a point
 One, and only one block quote in the text: font 1 size smaller, both sides are indented, full-justification and no quotations marks. Use a block quote when your text is more than three lines of text.

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