ecotourism and anthropology

Select relevant resource(s)
• The resource must relate to the issue and/or the discipline. ( anthropology)
• The resource cannot be the material presented in the seminar or the textbook, unless the discussion goes beyond the course content.
• The resource can be a: ° journal article, ° book, ° book chapter, ° government report, ° part of one of the above, ° theory, model or concept, ° case study, or an ° industry example, such as a website.
• When including the reference(s) for your resource(s) in your submission use APA6 referencing style.
• You also need to create a pdf of the resource(s) to load with your submission. If it is a large resource, such as a book, just include the sections that are relevant to your submission.

Identify four (4) different ‘key points’ that are made in your selected resource(s) that are relevant to the discussion of the issue and the discipline.
• Each key point must be ‘new’ to the discussions in the course. This means they are not restating what has already been presented in the seminar or the textbook.
• Instead the key point may: ° extend what has been discussed in the course learning material, ° provide an example or case study that illustrates an aspect that has been discussed, and/or ° add another theory, model, concept, dimension, perspective or counterpoint to the discussion.
• You may choose to summarise the key point, paraphrase the key point, and/or use a direct quote (using quotation marks).
• Note: In this part of the task you are only providing the ideas that are already presented in your resource.
• In your submission be sure to identify which resource the key point is from, and where in the resource, such as a page number or section. 3. Provide a reasoned argument for why each of these key points are connected to the discussion of the issue and the discipline.
• These ‘connection arguments’ must extend beyond the key point presented in the resource to include your own thoughts about how the key point connects to both the issue and the discipline.
• These connection arguments must be original, your own reasoning, and written in your own words. Note: You can adjust the row height and column width of the template table to suit your text. You may go over the one page, especially if you have, for example four very long references, but do not go over two pages.

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