emotional abuse among male college population

The purpose of this assignment is to talk about emotional abuse among male college population.

For this assignment, review each document below and abstract key information from each source provided below. For each source provided, document at least 2-3 important points (be sure to incorporate data and statistics). Please be sure to list/keep the information abstracted from each source separately (clearly define the points by writing point 1, point 2, etc., for each source) and place the associated reference at the end of the points noted. Please use an APA style citation and be sure to include in text citations.

The following feedback was received from my Professor after submitting my abstract on emotional abuse among male college population. Thus I thought it was important to share for this assignment while abstracting pertinent information.

“Be careful that as you work through the subject of emotional abuse, to stay in that area. It is not uncommon when addressing topics of emotional abuse, that you start to define other areas (e.g., sexual abuse), as emotional abuse. Sexual abuse is sexual abuse. It may lead to emotional abuse, but in and of itself is not emotional abuse.” Please let me know if clarification is needed.

Brown, S., Fite, P. J., Stone, K., Richey, A., & Bortolato, M. (2018). Associations between emotional abuse and neglect and dimensions of alexithymia: The moderating role of sex. Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy, 10(3), 300.

Motley, R., & Banks, A. (2018). Black males, trauma, and mental health service use: A systematic review. Perspectives on social work: the journal of the doctoral students of the University of Houston Graduate School of Social Work, 14(1), 4.

Sheats, K. J., Irving, S. M., Mercy, J. A., Simon, T. R., Crosby, A. E., Ford, D. C., … & Morgan, R. E. (2018). Violence-related disparities experienced by black youth and young adults: opportunities for prevention. American journal of preventive medicine, 55(4), 462-469.

Vidourek, R. A. (2017). Emotional abuse: Correlates to abuse among college students. Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma, 26(7), 792-803.

Zaller, N., Yang, C., Operario, D., Latkin, C., McKirnan, D., O’Donnell, L., … & Spikes, P. (2017). Alcohol and cocaine use among Latino and African American MSM in 6 U.S. cities. Journal of substance abuse treatment, 80, 26.

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