Enlightenment & Revolutions

Write a well-organized essay that includes an introduction, several paragraphs addressing the task below, and a conclusion.

Introduction: Introduce your topic.
* Your first sentence is the thesis statement (above)
* Interpret this theme – what is the theme trying to say?
* Briefly explain what you will discuss in your paper (see body)
* Conclude with a sentence similar to your thesis statement.

Body: be sure to answer each of these tasks. You should have one paragraph for each.

* Describe the Age of Enlightenment, key people, and key ideas of it.
* Describe the American Revolution and how the Enlightenment influenced it.
* Describe the French Revolution and how the Enlightenment influenced it.
* As an American, how do the ideas of the Enlightenment live on today?

Conclusion: Wrap-up your topic.
* thesis statement (above)
* Explain the lessons learned from “ideas leading to action” as demonstrated between the Enlightenment and two revolutions.
* Explain why this knowledge is important for anyone living today.
* Explain how, “The same conditions always produce the same results.” connects to the power of ideas and their result in action.
* Conclude with a sentence similar to your thesis statement.

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