Individual Prior Learning Essay

Individual Prior Learning Assesment Essay Guidelines

The Essay should be about 2-2.5 pages maximum in length

Describing Your Learning When you prepare your learning description, you need to be able to describe the learning that you have acquired. This is the hardest part of preparing your request, but it also is very satisfying when you see what you really know. Before you start to create your learning description, you should spend some time organizing your thoughts about the knowledge you have. This critical reflection involves:

• identifying the concepts you know
• organizing concepts to describe your learning in a way that makes sense to you
• connecting the concepts to show that you see how they are related. Your learning description should provide a clear summary of each learning topic for which you are requesting credit, while also describing the source, nature and extent of your learning.

You should:

• introduce how you acquired your learning to provide context for your learning
• organize your knowledge in a logical way and elaborate on what you know as a result of your experiences
• demonstrate your knowledge and related competence and skills through examples and documentation
• indicate how the learning is related to your degree plan ( Business Studies / Supply Chain Operations Management and your overall learning on the job

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