Internal Analysis on The Boeing Company

Review of Assets (Tangible and Intangible) Please define the company’s assets separated by tangible and intangible. For example, capital (a tangible asset)– how much money do they have? Compared to who?

Review of Core Competencies. You need to list these competencies. What do they have that differentiates them from their competitors?
Review of each component of the Value Chain (Primary & Supportive) separately. You must review each component of the Primary and Support Activities. Listing is not enough. You must review each category and determine how well they perform. For example, a support activity is R&D. Is R&D effective? Relative to what? How much is spent in R&D? Compared to who? Is R&D developing new products, or simply improving existing products? Do they lead, meet or lag the market in R&D?

Review of VRIO. You need to review what you learned about how they operate to find out do they have unique value proposition that is Valuable, Rare, Costly to Imitate and Organized to Capture Value.

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