Management of information systems

Critically evaluate the ways in which Management Information Systems generate value in a contemporary organisation such as Amazon. Please research into the latest technology available on the market and use a variety of references


10-20 paragraphs:

– Understanding of concepts
– Explain the ideas and concepts in a logical way
– Show evidence of theory and practice i.e. company, corporation etc. theory of value, of hierarchy, of communication, of IS strategy
– Strategy is there to regulate systems and information.
– Evidence of imagination and creativity and also critical thinking.
– Analytical skills. Stats and figures shown.
– Show a certain level of degree and creativity and analysis for 70+ marks.
– Negativity = reverse value for organisation- Japanese work environment emphasises positive energy.

1. Interpretation of question and title – what it means and also what the structure and the company of topic is.
2. Explain the notion of value – (e.g. Renkema, 1999)
3. Value proposition theory (chain of events that make a profit) value chain analysis – how does a company make money – efficiency and effectiveness and IT. Bang in a diagram.
4. IT within IS exists to make the organisation profit and increase value.
5. The types of systems that exist and the systems hierarchy. Systems hierarchy (Anthony 1969)
6. How these systems are then used in the chosen organisation.
7. Explain the systems infrastructure – how the systems work in holistic way – strategic deployment.
8. Expenditure on systems infrastructure and the possible profit made.
9. IS failures that could occur, including any data breaches. (Link this paragraph to critical thinking)
10. Systems allow flow of information and the systems need to align with each other – compatibility – horizontal and vertical flow, networks in an organisation.

For the Above paragraphs, the IS systems need to be regulated: ISS and ITS (IT governance) EXPLOIT (key word).

11. IS and the future of them and within the organisation?
12. Applications and the IT infrastructure – application portfolio analysis (John Ward + Poppard 1997)
13. What latest tech is available for the organisation to use and exploit? Choose 4/5 technologies that could be used by the organisation and how it would affect profit.
14. New tech
15. New tech
16. New tech (if applicable)
17. How the technology is changing the organisation and how its gaining competitive advantage and competitive leverage.
18. The impacts of technology on the organisation. Critically think, tech could be relevant for the industry but may not work or be applicable to the chosen organisation.
19. Environmental and competitive analysis within the industry. What is the benchmark, can the strategy be reassessed?
20. Summarise the work and provide insight.

Try using these references also;
Webber 1947
Herbert 1970
Renkeema 1999
Rk masson 1987
Micheal earl 1991
Chris edward ( crampfield university)
John ward
Pot griffs
Joe peppert
Robinson 1997

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