patient care plans and factors relating to patients who live at home with ventilators

Review the following resources. These resources will provide you with an understanding of patient care plans and factors relating to patients who live at home with ventilators. You will review the steps involved in preparing patients for home with respiratory equipment.

Home care plans and home care training; please visit the Link (Links to an external site.)
Living with a ventilator and ventilator uses (Links to an external site.)
Click on the tabs in blue: ventilator uses, daily activities, infection control, travel with a ventilator and ventilator weaning
Review the subjective requirements of a home respiratory therapist below. After you have reviewed them, choose four and discuss their importance as it pertains to patients receiving respiratory care at home. Include in your answer how you would communicate these requirements to the patient’s caregivers.

Subjective requirements:

Highly skilled at patient assessment
Highly skilled at home safety assessment
Excelled critical thinking ability
Good teacher
Respects people from other cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds
Good communication skills
Intrinsically motivated
Good organizational skills
Submit your answers in at least words on a Word document. You must cite at least three references in IWG format to defend and support your position.

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