Politics and Policy

There are two essay questions which you should answer both in their entirety. There are no page requirements (Rough Guide – 2pgs). There are no expectation for outside referencing beyond the Notes and Texts, however if you do cite and article or news report to support your arguments, be sure to reference properly (APA style preferred).

I. (10 points) Given the increasing use of technology in politics and policy decision-making – how would you define the concept of “digital politics?”? Has technology furthered the existing practices of the Market Model or Stone’s Polis Model? Will it further Frederickson’s concerns of social inequities or help address these concerns? (Support your argument)

II. (10 points) Take any issue from the last year in the political news (any source) and discuss from a perspective of a policy stream. Analyze the issue through agenda setting, formulation and adoption.

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