Thanksgiving Play by Larissa Fasthorse.

The Thanksgiving Play
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Go online to the LMC Library and do a search for The Thanksgiving Play by Larissa Fasthorse.

The script is published in American Theatre and should come right up when you do the search.

Ms. Fasthorse is a Native American playwright and in this satirical, mostly funny play, she skewers just about everybody, from theatre people, to the over zealous guardians of political correctness, to academia, to white liberals who try but just don’t “get it.”


Discuss at least 2 stereotypes she foregrounds in the play.
The following is a quote from Fasthorse’s casting notes for the play:
Casting Note: All ages are open and actors that “look white” may be played by POC passing as white (Links to an external site.).
This is an unusual casting note – why do you think Fasthorse included this? What is she saying about casting plays, films, in general?

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