Waiting for Superman(2010)

When considering this “lottery” type of methodology in choosing who can go to the charter school, and when you think about the theories of deviance from chapter 7, do you think this methodology contributes to, or helps create deviance? Which theory of deviance best applies to this situation? What happens to the students who were not chosen for this opportunity? Use examples from the film to support your answer.

What is meant by the “hidden curriculum” in education? How do conflict theorists feel about it? How might this curriculum influence children’s outcomes? Use examples from the film to support your answer.

What is “gatekeeping?” Tracking?” How to functionalists rationalize this behavior? Do you think it is a fair practice? How do you think children are affected? What other barriers might be in place to prevent everyone from receiving a good education? Use examples from the film to support your answer.

What is meant by the “Rist research?” What other studies have been done to show how teacher’s perceptions of students can influence student outcomes? How would a symbolic interactionist interpret these findings? How do these expectations feed into student outcomes? What examples of this did you see in the film?

Define teacher tenure? How does it work? What are the benefits? Are there consequences to teachers receiving tenure? How does tenure affect student outcomes? How has tenure changed since this film has been released? Use examples from the film to support your answer.

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