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The Annotated Bibliography

This assignment requires you to write a 150-300 word single-entry annotated bibliography for your favorite, most useful researched source of information about your argumentative topic.

The annotated bibliography has three required sections.

For each section, you will develop a response, in block paragraph format, with a word count ranging between 50-100 words.

The sections consist of the following:

Summary— what is the point of the source? What is it about? What are key concepts and how are they developed? Is the source argumentative, informational, or both?

Assessment—is the source credible or do bias and/or other detractors from credibility exist? Use a brief example to clearly illustrate findings.

Reflection—how, specifically, will this source fit into and help develop your essay? Where in your essay will you use it (introduction paragraph, refutation section, background section, etc.) and why?


(1) Place your source, formatted according to MLA standards, at the top of your assignment. Make sure that the source is formatted exactly as it would be on your bibliography page

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