Applied Behavioral Analysis

Read the Case Study: Toby

Consider the home/community and school environments. Construct interventions for target behaviors exhibited by Toby that would impact his functionality in the home/community and school environments.

Write a behavior intervention plans for Toby for either the home or school setting incorporating the following:

Provide operational definitions of target behaviors.
Incorporate results of the functional assessment.
Include both short and long-term behavior goals.
Provide the specific steps to your interventions, written in language that the parents and educational professionals can easily understand.
Discuss how you will collect data and how you will use that data to determine when adjustments to interventions should be made.
Discuss how lack of progress or unintended behavior change might affect the intervention.
Discuss your hypothesized outcome.
Describe how you programmed for maintenance and generalization of behavior, for each intervention, using scholarly resources to back up your prediction.

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