Effects of Social Media on Students

Assignment: write either an evaluation argument essay or a causal argument essay on a topic related to a current online social media issue. Reference Everything Is an Argument Chapter 7 “Structuring Arguments” for guidance on the general structure of this essay. Reference Chapter 10 for how to construct an evaluation argument and Chapter 11 for writing a causal argument.
Possible topics/questions to consider:
Evaluation arguments – topics to consider:
Which social media platform/application is best/worse, effective/ineffective, or successful/unsuccessful for users who are concerned with how well it protects their privacy or with how well it allows them to promote their strengths/talents?
Challenge people who criticize a particular social media platform because they really don’t understand it.
Compare or assess the contributions or achievements of 2 or 3 online social media platforms and/or their creator(s). While your first instinct might be to rank these platforms and individuals and pick a “winner,” you could also aim to help readers appreciate the different paths by which your subjects have achieved distinction.
Evaluate how online communication has improved
Causal arguments – topics to consider:
Psychological influences of smartphones on people who have grown up with them.
What is lost/gained as paper books/newspapers/magazines are replaced with online versions.
The likely consequences of students living more of their lives via social media.
How video games are changing the way students learn and interact.
How online college courses are changing the way students learn and interact.

Paper guidelines:
4-1/2 to 5 pages in length
MLA format
Minimum 4 outside sources

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