Every kid needs a champion

Please organize them and tie them together in an orderly fashion for the reader. In addition, an introduction much be written to attract the readers’ attention and include a thesis that states the main point of the essay.

Case 4 is a final essay – a culmination of the course in which students consider their SLP responses as well as Case 3, as they answer the question, Where am I going and how have my work and educational experiences impacted the journey?

Please organize them and tie them together in an orderly fashion for the reader

In the video titled ‘Every kid needs a champion,’ has helped me realize the fallacies people level against problems facing children dropping out of school. It has revealed to me the most disturbing issue, which is less focus on the value of human connection teachers invests in children. Relationships, an aspect that many individuals overlook, could be the root behind all the reasons for school dropout and failures. Rita Pierson, in the video, insists that no noteworthy learning can happen without a significant relationship, adding that learning is all about understanding relationships. Many tutors get it wrong when they believe that their purpose is solely teaching, failing to recognize that kids do not learn from people they do not like.

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