Foreign Language – Spanish

Choose a Spanish-speaking country that you would someday like to visit. Decide in which city or town (México D.F., Seville, Buenos Aires, etc.) of your chosen country you would be residing.

Research and write (in English) about the historical and contemporary cultural aspects of the city or town, and include any pertinent aspects of the region/province/autonomous community in which it is located (e.g. Seville is the capital city of the province of Seville and of the autonomous community of Andalucía, a region which also includes 7 other provinces. Valencia is the capital city of the autonomous community of Valencia, which also includes the provinces of Alicante and Castellón, Murcia is the capital city and the only province of the autonomous community of Murcia, etc.).

In your essay, please answer such questions as the following:

Who were the original inhabitants of your chosen location? Were there any groups that settled there subsequently?
What cultural influences are present in the customs, celebrations/festivals (religious and otherwise), foods, clothing, music, architecture, language(s), and art from the different groups of people that have resided or settled there over the region’s history?
What are some of the most significant present-day structures (e.g. buildings, monuments, pyramids, ruins, etc.) of the city or region?
What museums are most famous? Which works of art can be found there?
Is the location known for any particular foods/cuisines, products and exports?
Do any famous individuals hail from the city or region?
Do not copy and paste information from the internet. Be sure to use your own words and to cite your sourcesopens in a new window appropriately.

Length: 500 words. Write in English. Please use 12-point font, double-spaced.

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