History of Photography – Edouard Baldus (1813-1882

19th century photographer write a 1,000-word paper (minimum) on the photographic process that they employed in their practice.

In your paper discuss the following:

A brief biography in which you situate their work into a historic context.
The technology they employed and how their choices with equipment and processes influenced their photographs
Include two examples by the photographer and use your examples to show how their choices with their equipment and processes influenced their work. For example, what types of subject matter where they able to photograph, and how did their choices with their equipment and processes influence the look of their photographs.
Caption your examples by author, title of the photograph, date, the process used and cite the source in your caption (where you found the example) and list your example in your works cited notation.

Additional sources to use for research:
•Graphic Atlas>http://www.graphicsatlas.org

—lots of materials on their home page. Be sure to click on the link to Print and Photograph Materials

•Atlas of Analytical Signatures of Photographic Process . From the Getty Museum.

—at the bottom of the page are downloadable PDF articles on specific 19th and 20th century processes

•George Eastman House Photographic Processes Series

Victoria and Albert Museum UK . Photographic Processes

Exploring Color Photography (a good source on color processes) >https://issuu.com/alexx_co/docs/di-0929

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