Measles outbreak in Australia

Choose a particular infectious disease(MEASLES)* which is hyper-endemic in a particular tropical and/or developing country (or a related country group).AUSTRALIA

1. Describe and analyze the situation with regard to the ecology and epidemiology of the disease, its proximate and more distant causes, the current global burden of disease and the diversity of the situation internationally and trends over time, clinical signs and symptoms and treatment and the standard approaches to prevention and control in populations.
2. Describe and analyze the ecology, epidemiology and disease burden of the disease in the context of the particular tropical and/or developing country (or a related country group) you have selected.
3. Describe and critically evaluate the prevention and control efforts undertaken in the selected country (or country group), their successes and failures, and the reasons for these outcomes by using local evidence.
4. Indicate which avenues would be most effective to pursue now and in the future for prevention and control of the disease in the specific country context you have selected. APA REFERENCING STYLE.

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