Oil Demand and Supply Shocks on the Global Economy

You will pick up an article of your choice from The Economist that is related to one of the topics covered in the
semester and write a short essay about the topic. Think you are the chief economist to the president. He just dropped
this article on your desk, and he wants to get your perspective on the article from a microeconomics point of view.
Steps to follow:
1. Choose one chapter from the book and an article with a topic substantially related to that chapter.1 The
relationship does not need to be evident at first glance, but it should be clear to you and you should be able
to convey this. The chapter should be covered in the syllabus.2
2. Analyze the article in light of the concepts developed in that chapter. You can also include concepts from
other chapters, but your analysis should be centered around the chosen chapter.
3. You have to explain (a) the relevant microeconomic theory about the chosen topic, (b) discuss how the
theory is similar or different from the real-world application, and (c) explain if the article taught you
something you did not learn in class.
4. Submit your essay through a PDF file through iCollege. Go to Assessments>Assignments>Essay
Assignment. Other file types will not be accepted.
You do not need to purchase a membership to access the articles. You can access them through the GSU library
website: https://library.gsu.edu/:
1. Go to Databases by Name A-Z. Go to the letter P and select ProQuest Central.
2. Once there click on Publications and look for The Economist
3. Look for and Select The Economist (Online); London.
4. You can then browse through articles by year and month.
5. Contact GSU library if you have any specific issues.
1. Explaining what the article is about through a microeconomist lens.
2. Explain to me where the economics concepts in the article are.
3. Be creative, uncover economic concepts that are not obvious at a first glance or are not spelled out
4. Highlight the concepts from the corresponding chapter you identify in the article.

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