Political Parties and Democratic Functions

THE Essay should have a clear structure, with an introduction setting out the aims of the assignment. The body of the essay should contain information of specific relevance to the assignment topic. A critical approach is encouraged. Answers should cite the work of appropriate authors, who must be referenced. Secondary citation, where students have not read the original work, should be made clear, for example, ‘Miller (2001) cited in Armstrong (2009)’. Students are encouraged to include their own ideas/opinions providing they are party of a reasoned argument and fully supported by facts, figures, references, etc. The conclusion should draw together the argument set out in the text. A substantial bibliography, reflecting the reading done for the essay, will be expected.
The Internet
The Internet provides a wide variety of information which is relevant to the topics covered in this unit. This can be a valuable additional source. However, students should note that there is a genuine need to be aware of the weaknesses, as well as the strengths, of much of the information that is available, and that use of Internet sources should supplement reading of ‘traditional’ sources. If you have any concerns about making best use of Internet resources you might find the following link worth a quick look (www.vts.intute.ac.uk/detective/brief.html).
Among the other sites that might provide a useful starting point are:
www.psa.ac.uk – the Political Studies Association’s web pages www.news.bbc.co.uk – BBC news
www.conservatives.com – Conservative Party www.mydup.com – Democratic Unionist Party www.labour.org.uk – Labour Party
www.libdems.org.uk – Liberal Democratic Party

– A 2000 word essay answering the questions below. UK English.

•• How well do political parties currently fulfil their democratic functions in the UK?

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