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This paper is used to meet The University of Alabama’s Core Curriculum requirements in writing (W). The paper will be evaluated on content, logical and coherent thought, and carefully edited prose. The purpose of this paper is to discuss, identify, and improve a quality improvement issue in nursing practice. Review the paper samples listed. Reference the Course Schedule for the due date.
⦁ Write a minimum of (3) but not more than (5) pages that fully discuss the concepts listed in the grading rubric. Note: Your reference page will not be considered as part of the 3-5 pages. (Please note:  Your paper must be a minimum of three pages.)
⦁ Follow the APA (6th ed.) manual to guide formatting.
⦁ Use 1″ margins, double-spaced, and 12-point Times New Roman font.
⦁ List at least (3) references. Note: Do not use your textbook or the APA (6th ed.) manual as a reference. Excluding in-text citations and/or a reference page will result in a failing grade for the paper. (If Schmidt & Brown is used as a reference, your paper will be returned to you and must be re-written.)

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