Staffing System Management and Retention Management


Answer True or False to the following questions.

___ The most commonly found inappropriate questions on application forms include questions involving past salary levels, age, driver’s license information and Social Security numbers.
___ The demographic information required for affirmative action should be included in the application form.
___ Selection tests are used to identify applicant skills that cannot be determined in an interview process.
___ It is recommended that candidates be interviewed before administering selection tests.
___ An interview is really a verbal test of the candidate, with no clear right or wrong answers.
___ Unstructured interviews require candidates to give real examples of past actions and results and are based on the theory that past behavior is a good predictor of future behavior.
___ As much as 40 percent of applicants lie about their work histories and educational backgrounds and about 20 percent present false credentials and licenses.
___ A past employer may be guilty of negligent referral when failing to warn about an employee’s known propensity to violence.
___ It is best to avoid quoting the annual salary when extending a job offer.
___ Eligibility for employment must be verified for all new hires within seven days of starting work.

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