Summary of Artice

Documented Reports (DRs) are reports students write to discuss research critically, practice one or more research writing skills, and explore possible subjects for a final research paper.  For this assignment, the objective is to develop critical readings skills and to write a clear, accurate, and objective summary that conveys to others an understanding of the author’s main point(s) without having to read the original piece.
Summarize the article titled “From Mandarin to Szechuan.” The summary should be double spaced typed and approximately 2 pages long.
Do not rewrite the original piece.
Your summary should be significantly shorter than the original.
Do not quote from the text – use your own words.
Do not include your opinion of the issue or topic discussed in the original piece.
Write in the present tense (i.e. article shows).
*Here is an easy way to begin your summary:  In his article “From Mandarin to Szechuan,” Chef Hugh McEvoy compares…
Type DR1 on the M1 template to format your paper correctly;
While you are not expected to cite in this paper, you are expected to create a works cited citation for the assigned article. To write the citation, use the guidelines from:
The MLA Style Center
OWL A Page on a Web Site, or
MLA 8th Edition Help Page (You do not need an access date at the end of citation if the Web Page has a publication date.)
Save your assignment as a Word document (.doc) and upload it by clicking on the Browse My Computer button. Name the file as LastnameDR1, where “Lastname” is your last name (i.e. JohnsonDR1.doc).
Your submission will be checked for plagiarism using the SafeAssign feature within Blackboard.
This assignment is worth 100 points and will be evaluated using the ENG 102 Document Report #1 Rubric, which is available when you open the assignment.
Not Accepted for Review (Any of the three criteria may disqualify the paper for review): Some information in the paper is plagiarized; researched information is presented without attribution. The paper’s topic is not related to an M1 Course Selection article. No Works Cited list of resource citations is included.
Accepted for Review (All three criteria are requirements for the paper’s review): No information in the paper is found to be plagiarized; all researched information is presented with attribution. The paper’s topic is related to an M1 Course Selection article. The paper ends with a Works Cited list of resource citations.
Review this video on How to Submit an Assignment in Blackboard if you need assistance with this feature.
See Schedule for due date.

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