Teacher Evaluations

Assignments will be graded based on the following elements:
– Content
– Structure
– Style
– Mechanics
“A” level paper:
Purpose clear, and relevant to the thesis. Paper demonstrates thoroughly and competently how the analysis fits in with larger purposes or thesis of the essay. Efforts made to engage counterarguments. Essay goes beyond simply answering the assignment and works with the material in provocative, interesting, and complex ways.
Information provided is reliable, accurate and interesting. Conclusions are logical and effective.
Introduction and conclusion are effective; the latter goes beyond merely restating the introduction. Rather, the conclusion suggests implications for the thesis of the essay.
Paragraphs follow a logical sequence. Evidence the essay follows the prescribed organization (if applicable) for the assignment, i.e., comparison/contrast. Transition is apparent, either by use of appropriate transition words or internal order. There is a clear development of ideas with appropriate proofs or evidence in an argumentative essay or examples in an expository paper.
Word choice is precise, engaging, interesting. Demonstrates sentence, word and paragraph variety. Tone and style reflective of either an expository or an argumentative thesis. Varying sentence or paragraph length, format.
Evidence of careful editing. Errors in punctuation and grammar are rare. Where called for, proper APA format is used.
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