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In this assignment you must find a technology tool that could be used in your current or desired professional position (higher education administration), and create a presentation that describes the tool and its possible professional uses. (I’ll create the presentation, I just need the information. So, please create a 2 page paper and I will later convert this into a presentation on my own)
Create a paper that demonstrates the possible benefits of using the tool. Reference the how using the tool demonstrates your mastery professional standards. Provide references to news articles, journal articles, or other legitimate information sources, which highlight positive examples of using the tool. Structure your presentation as if you were doing a mini virtual conference presentation showing others about your innovative practice. For example, you might use Adobe Spark to create a presentation about how you use Poll Everywhere in freshman orientation sessions. In this case, Adobe Spark is your presentation tool, and you are presenting about the tech tool, Poll Everywhere.

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