Victim’s vehicle.

Assume that Dominic Defendant was texting while driving.  Because he was distracted, Dominic unintentionally ran a red light and crashed into Victoria Victim’s vehicle.  Victoria suffered minor injuries, but her 9-year-old nephew Nick, who was a passenger in the car, was killed almost instantly.  First, what the most appropriate crime against the person is for which Dominic should be convicted.  Why?  Be sure to discuss how the various elements of the crime you select apply to Dominic’s actions.  Second, how should Dominic be punished? Why?  Be sure to include a discussion of the various philosophical justifications for the punishment you select.
Next, once you have submitted your answer, comment on two other students’ responses.
Please note, you will not see your peers’ answers to the discussion prompt until you have posted yours.
You are strongly encouraged to save your post in a document on your computer before pasting it into  Canvas. Technical glitches, though rare, do happen, and it is frustrating to lose your work.

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