World War I)

Pick two of our major course themes from the list and use them to answer the question below:
The Economy
Politics and Government
Foreign Relations

Was the period we covered during Unit 2—from around 1914 (the beginning of World War I) to around 1959 (the end of the 1950s)—characterized primarily by unity or division? Be sure to explain how we see both unity and division in this period while making your own argument about which force (unity or division) was the dominant one. How do Zinn and Johnson address this issue, and whose argument do you find more convincing?

REQUIREMENT FOR EITHER QUESTION: As you analyze the connection between your themes, you should discuss at least three primary source documents and explain what light they shed on your analysis.

Nuts and Bolts (Be sure to read these carefully, and follow them exactly)
Length: 3 Double-Spaced Pages. Part of the goal of this assignment is to get students to write concisely and efficiently, so you shouldn’t write more than three pages. On the other hand, essays under three full pages will be penalized.
Sources: You are not expected (or encouraged) to do any outside reading for this assignment. But if you do, please include a Works Cited page with the information for your outside source and page numbers after each reference (whatever you do, don’t take material from any old site on the internet—I would strongly urge you to avoid the temptation to do any internet browsing at all. See “Statement on Plagiarism” below).
If you quote Zinn or Johnson, just put the author and page number for your reference in parentheses after the reference. Example: (Zinn, 3).
If you reference a document, put the document’s author (or title if the author isn’t listed) and packet in parentheses after your reference. Example: (Sumner, Week 3 Packet)
Please use Times New Roman or another standard font. Use 10 to 12-point fonts and one-inch margins.
At the top of your exam, please just type, single-spaced:
[Your Name]
Unit 2 Exam
Summer 2019

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