Criminal Justice

In-class scenario for Module 2:
After years of civil rights litigation, political change, and corruption at the top levels, the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department has hired a new chief from another department in the hopes of making some changes. This new chief is given the authority and responsibility to make significant changes to improve the department. Using the four frames model (Bolman and Deal, 2003) from the text, develop a list of questions within each of the four frames that the chief might use to identify the source(s) of Metro’s problems.
These frames are the
1) Structural frame – the organizational hierarchy, division of labor, job descriptions, mission, policies, procedures, etc.;
2) Human resource frame – assumes organizations exist to serve human rather than organizational needs;
3) Political frame – views organization as a place in which interest groups compete for scarce resources; and the
4) Symbolic frame – views organizations as tribes, theater, or carnivals in which organizational culture is driven by ritual, ceremonies, stories, heroes, and myths rather than be managerial authority.
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