Q1 Describe some examples of your child’s behavior or thinking that you think are due to typical American gender role socialization and explain why you think so. Several examples can be found at ages 6 and 8. How closely does your attitude toward gender roles correspond to typical American attitudes, and if there is a discrepancy, to what do you attribute this (e.g., cultural background, attitudes of your own parents, etc.)? (min 1 ½ page, max 2 pages 4 points) Q2 Children’s peer relationships become increasingly important during middle childhood. Briefly discuss your child’s current relationships with friends, classmates, and other children. How does this compare to earlier periods of development? How would you describe your child’s peer status using the peer acceptance categories provided in your textbook (e.g., popular, rejected, controversial, neglected)? Do you have any concerns about your child’s social behavior or relationships? If so, briefly describe these concerns and your thoughts on what might be the source of your child’s social difficulties. (min 1 ½ page, max 2 pages, 4 points)

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