Market Analysis The Corporate Jet in China

1. Using the Michael Porter’s five forces framework, conduct an industry scan for the Corporate Jet industry in China.
2. Discuss the unique resources and capabilities that the competitors need to sustainably compete in the industry.
3. What formal and informal institutions in China may accelerate or constrain the growth of the Corporate Jet industry?
4. Other than China, Russia and Canada, suggest another market (one country) that has the potential for corporate jet companies to expand into. Justify your suggestion with evidence and present the analysis from the Industry, Resources and Institutions perspective.

The case study report should first provide a brief description of the case, followed by an in-depth analysis and comprehensive answer to each of the questions above. Both quantitative and qualitative data and information supplied in the case should be taken into consideration. You are expected to do additional research relevant to the case by looking for updated country, industry, and market data.

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