Multiple Choice Questions


  1. The Kerr-Mills Program was the precursor of which government health insurance program?


a. Medicare


b. Medicaid
c. Accountable Care Act (ACA)
d. None of the above

10 points   


  1. Medicare health insurance covers which population in the U.S.?
a. Disabled population plus the elderly over age 65
b. Elderly over age 65 plus the indigent population
c. Indigent population plus the disabled population
d. Elderly over age 65 only

10 points   


  1. How did the Affordable Care Act (ACA) expand coverage for Americans?
a. Provided universal health coverage for all Americans
b. Allowed insurance coverage up to age 30 years in a parent’s health insurance policy.
c. Made Medicaid available to a larger portion of the U.S. population
d. Ensured everyone had access to catastrophic insurance

10 points   


  1. The Affordable Car Act (ACA) allows insurance companies to underwrite health care insurance premiums based on which of the following?
a. Health status
b. Gender
c. Age
d. None of the above

10 points   


  1. Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) perform which of the following functions?
a. Processes prescription drug payment claims for health plans
b. Leverages its size and scope to negotiate rebates with pharmaceutical companies
c. Many have developed mail order pharmacy distribution systems
d. All of the above

10 points   


  1. Which of the following about rebates paid by pharmaceutical companies to a PBM are TRUE?
a. Rebate payments may reduce the effective price paid for a product
b. Portion of the rebate is paid by the PBM to the insurer
c. Rebates paid may result in a drug being placed in a more favorable formulary tier
d. All of the above

10 points   


  1. How has the Safe Importation Action Plan been described?
a. Potential pathways for the safe importation of prescription drugs originally intended for the foreign market
b. One potential solution to combat high drug prices that protects patient safety, and is effective at deliverying lower prices, and respecting choice, innovation and access
c. A possibility for States, wholesaler, or pharmacists to submit plans for demonstration projects to import Health-Canada approved drugs
d. All of the above

10 points   


  1. What is the estimated impact on Canada if 20% of S. prescriptions werefilled using Canadian prescription drug sources?
a. Canadian drug prices would rise to match the U.S.
b. The Canadian drug supply would be exhausted in just over six months unless domestic supplies increased
c. Canada would decrease their domestic drug manufacturing output
d. Lower Canadian drug prices


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