The case Analysis for the Alibaba Group

The Task: The case study for analysis is the Alibaba Group. Your task is to review the resources provided about Alibaba in particular, the video clips and accompanying notes in the ‘Resources for Alibaba Essay’ folder on the assessment page. Then answer the following question drawing on relevant material from Topics 1-7:

Based on your understanding of the Alibaba Group, identify and list which sustainability characteristics apply to this organisation and whether it could be described as a sustaining corporation? As you answer the question refer to the characteristics of a sustaining corporation identified by Benn, Edwards and Williams (2018) and the United Nations in the essential readings.

Additional Information
You must include a title page and include a word count.
Include a table of contents page to show the sub-headings used.
In your introduction you should outline how you will address or approach the question and your conclusion should wrap up your assignment.
Refer to the Essential Readings for the relevant topic. The Essential Readings are accessible by clicking on the Topic Notes for the relevant topic.

Provide in-text citations and a reference list using the APA referencing style. Remember to include page numbers with your in-text citations, for example (Newsome, 2018, p. 3). Information on APA referencing is available here:

Please refer to the Marking Rubric when addressing this question
You must draw on the theory you have learned to support your argument.

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