How did the end of the Second World War influence the emergence of the Cold War in Europe and Asia?

Be sure to use examples from what you have seen and read in this course to illustrate your answer. In writing this essay be sure to consult ALL that you have viewed and read to date up to and including the last week of this class. This includes RECOMMENDED READING as well as other materials such as historical documents, websites, and videos.

Keep in mind that spelling, grammar and punctuation all count. The quality of your writing matters nearly as much as the content.

In my experience, a superior essay will answer the question straight-away, run about 1500 words in length, and provide evidence in the form of facts that illustrate the validity of the answer provided. At the minimum, your essay should demonstrate that you are doing the assigned reading.
You should write this paper in your regular word processing program. It should be formatted with 1 inch margins, twelve point type, double spaced. Your name and the assignment information should appear on the first page.

You should provide proper references when you are quoting or paraphrasing from materials not written by you. NO OUTSIDE SOURCES ARE ALLOWED. You may ONLY use materials assigned in this course. This means NO outside sources, especially nothing you find via google or yahoo (both will provide you with wholly inaccurate information. Papers citing sources that do not appear on the syllabus for this course will be penalized 2% for each occurrence.


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