World Major Power

The Changing of Events that made the United States emerge a World Major PowerPrior to World War I, the United States was not a major military and political power. After World War II, the United States emerged as one of the two great Superpowers with the Soviet Union. What happened during the approximately 30 year time span that changed the course of the United States and a major world power? Do you think much of the changed can be contributed to the American war effort during the two wars? Or was it American ingenuity and technology that had a more dramatic effect on solidifying America’s position in the world? Or perhaps it was something else?
Make sure to answer in the form of an essay, i.e., multiple paragraphs. And make sure your writing is clear and concise. Make a strong argument and then use specific examples to support your argument. It’s those specific examples that will convince me that you have a good grasp of the topic.
You may use information from your textbook, any readings you recall from the first part of the term, any videos that you’ve seen in the class, or from the Triangle book. DO NOT use information from outside online sources. I don’t want to know what someone else thinks. I want you to make a sound argument and back it up with factual examples. Make sure this essay is your own original work.

Sources to use…..

1. Foner, Eric, Give Me Liberty, Seagull Vol. 2, 5th Edition,….. only use chapters 16 through 22 to source.

2. Von Drehle, David. Triangle: The Fire That Changed America.

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