Tammy’s Story.

This week, you will have the unique opportunity to watch a video update of Tammy’s Story.
In this field, it is not common to have updates on client’s progress after terminating services
with them. This week, you will be able to see both the progress and setbacks that Tammy
and her son, Bo, have encountered since you terminated services with them. In this
Discussion, you will be able to reflect back on the services that you provided to Bo, your
termination of services with him, and your thoughts about where he and you are now.
Reflect on the update to Tammy’s story. How do you think that Bo is doing now? What
surprised you from the update? Do you think that Bo could benefit from continued
case management services? Why or why not? Do you wish that you had done
anything different during your work with him?
SBS Undergraduate 30 point Discussion Rubric
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Think back to where you were before starting this class. You have learned so much
about case management through discussions, seminars, quizzes and written
assignments. What unit or topic has had the most impact on you and your future
Write a brief closing reflection on how this class experience has influenced you as a
human service professional.

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