Unit 9 Journal

Learning is enhanced when you take time to reflect on the process. This week, you will have a journal
assessment and discuss your reaction in relation to the topic for the unit. Your reflection and writing wi
content covered.
Denhardt et. al. (2020) write, “knowledge of ourselves not only is valuable from a personal standpoint
satisfaction in our work lives” (p. 17). Consequently, this course places a strong emphasis on self-awa
own leadership style. Completing this journal will help you fulfill this goal.
If you have not already done so, please take the assessment below (allot for approximately 30 minute
NERIS Analytics Limited. (2020). 16 Personalities . Retrieved from https://www.16personalities.com
This free assessment will provide a description of who you are and why you do things the way you do,
similar to the Myers-Briggs assessment, which is a commonly used inventory for understanding the pr
need to register to take the assessment. Additionally, you will need to keep a screenshot of the results
week. (Note: There is also an option to purchase a more detailed report but this is NOT required for th
Once you are finished with the assessment, use the Unit 9 Journal Template  to provide your results
questions in at least 150 words:
After reviewing your personality type , what insights have you gained regarding your own appro
surprised you about the results?
The text highlights four primary styles of team members: contributor, collaborator, communicator,
personality profile, which role would you be more comfortable playing in a team situation? Explain

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