Company Valuation

Q1 (50 points)
Project Question
[Please start from next page to write your report, to a maximum of 7 pages (followed by an appendix of tables, excel sheet, charts, images etc. as you deem appropriate for your report [not included in the 7 pages text limit]). The report will be graded based on the accuracy of information, details of calculation, format and clarity, flow of arguments, and writing. It is your responsibility to collect data from established sources on the internet an also set logical assumptions.
Pick a publicly traded company (your choice, however, first make sure you can find sufficient information to conduct a valuation) listed on US stock exchange and provide a short description in the beginning.
Set all your assumptions needed for DCF valuation and clearly explain how you made those assumptions and what data you obtained.
Conduct a DCF valuation, clearly and briefly explain the steps, and compare your estimate of equity value to the price of the stock today.
Pick a set of comparable companies (at least 5), and conduct a relative valuation based on multiples (e.g., P/E), and compare your estimate of equity value to the price of stock today.

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