Creating a healthy lifestyle around food


⦁ Pick a Featured Image that will be the headliner of your article! This is an image that will show up as a banner behind your title. It can be an image that’s already in your aAdd “Written by” with your name as well as your position at the bottom of the article.
⦁ E.g. Written by Sandie
⦁ Make sure that all of your images have sources with their URLs! (Note: If you can’t fit the sources in the body article, feel free to leave them at the bottom of your piece with labels!)
⦁ If you use information or knowledge from other sources, please add your sources at the bottom listed in APA format or include hyperlinks to the sources within your text.
⦁ At least 250-300 words

⦁ Doublecheck content piece for any grammatical errors
⦁ Make sure using the correct version of a word (there, their, they’re…)
⦁ For common grammar mistakes and how to avoid them see the resource below

⦁ Use second person throughout piece
⦁ But you can say “we at EGC…”

⦁ EGC strives to be accessible to the broader community, while providing accurate, insightful content that engages even readers with a background in the content area.  The style should reflect this by being light and uncomplicated.  The tone should match the content; a piece on gardening tips may be humorous, while a piece on food insecurity should not.
⦁ Try to set a casual tone for content that is meant to be lighthearted, but set a more serious tone for informative or argumentative pieces
⦁ The occasional exclamation points are acceptable where appropriate.  We want our readers to smile and feel our joy!
⦁ rticle or something completely different. Save the image as “Featured Image.SourceCredit.jpg” in your photo folder.


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