Discussion Board – Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down Initial Post

discussion board looks at cultural awareness in healthcare practices. Please refer to this weeks readings and your own experiences clinically and/or in a leadership role as you answer the following questions regarding The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down.
As healthcare professionals, how can we be more sensitive to cultural practices and/or beliefs? In your discussion refer to specific examples you read about in The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down.
After reading this book, what will you do differently to help bridge the cultural gap in your career/position/future? Be sure to include specific examples from this book and how you would handle them in a more culturally sensitive manner.
How prevalent do you think the opinion of Dr. Small is among clinicians today?(pg 73) “They just come in late and drop it out. In fact, they wouldn’t come at all if they didn’t need to get the birth certificate so they could get more welfare. You or I, we can’t conceive of the degree of ignorance. They’re almost a Stone Age people. Hell, they never went to a doctor before. They just had a baby in the camp or the mountains or whatever the hell they came from
Please refer to the discussion board rubric when formulating your initial post and your response posts.

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