Impacts of Indonesia’s Copy Culture in the Fashion Industry: Knock-Off and Counterfeit, towards Indonesian Buying Behaviour

“The Impacts of Indonesia’s Copy Culture in the Fashion Industry: Knock-Off and Counterfeit, towards Indonesian Buying Behaviour”
The theme of the dissertation is about the culture of how Indonesian tend to copy designs of an existing product, that can be called as a culture since it becomes a habit for them to copy an existing product / designs. And this affects on how Indonesian buy products that they want, for instance, because of the economic condition and low average wage, people tend to buy products as long as it’s trendy and ave the same function as the original product. It becomes a habit can’t be stop because it kept on happening also because of the demand as well. Creating changes on people’s buying behaviour and perspective of why spend more money if you can get pretty similar product with more affordable price.
Explanation of the difference between counterfeiting and knocking off can be found here: https://
The Introduction, Aim, and Objectives has already finished just need some slight changes if it’s necessary.
Literature Review:
First Literature: “Sociological Discourse And Empirical Studies of Fashion” thesis from Bloomsbury, discussed by Simmel, Veblen, Spencer, etc. (file attached)
Second Literature: a thesis by Musnaini and Syahmadi Yacob, titled “Asian Buying Behaviour Toward Counterfeit Product: Evidence from Jambi City, Sumatera Island, Indonesia”. (File attached)
Third Literature: “The Ethics of Counterfeiting in the Fashion Industry: Quality, Credence, and Profit Issues” by Brian Hilton, Chong Ju Choi, and Stephen Chen. (File attached)
Fourth Literature: Article by the Finery Report titled “Why do we copy?”
1. Observation on Indonesia’s online marketplace such as Tokopedia or Shopee, and observe their sales on counterfeit and knock off goods, as they show their number of sales, as some of the offline stores are still closed and not pack as before. Example on the appendix (the number of sales written next to the stars review, “terjual” means sold. Ex: “1,8 rb Terjual” means 1,8 thousands or 1800 products are sold).
2. From the questionnaire: CSV file attached.
(Obstacles from the methodology, offline observation in the area that sells counterfeit products such as ITC Mangga Dua isn’t possibble because of the building was closed for a while. For the questionnaire, most of the responders are still students that haven’t earned their own money, affecting their buying behaviour.)
Conclusion: more less like the one from the research proposal.

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