The purpose of this report is to provide an in-depth Brand Audit Report on Lifebuoy strategic brand management concepts and special interest areas as a framework for the audit
structure should be:
1.1 Introduction: Firstly, introduce the report and state it’s purpose, scope and aims. Following this, you are to provide sufficient information to enable the reader to understand the organisation and the brand. This should include brief details of history, heritage and ethos, as well as an indication of the organisation’s current strategic direction.
1.2 Context Setting: Provide sufficient information to enable the reader to understand the broader context; this section should include concise information about organisation size and legal structure, current performance statistics (operational / financial / market related), geographical presence, product/service range, target market, competitive landscape, as well indicating any relevant contemporary marketing environment considerations. Furthermore, please include details of the organisation’s current brand architecture structure and its current brand positioning stance
Section 2: Brand analysis: (40%)

2.1 Critical Analysis of Strategic Brand Management Concepts and Special Interest Areas: Using a wide range of relevant academic and practitioner sources you are to critically analyse an appropriate selection of the strategic brand management concepts and special interest areas that have been covered in this module.

2.2 Application of concepts and special interest areas to your chosen brand: For each concept or special interest area covered in 2.1, you are to put forward applied work in relation to your chosen brand. In-depth brand knowledge, extensive assimilation of information and intelligent synthesis of your findings should be demonstrated here. The aim is to enable the reader to fully understand the brand and its strengths and limitations in relation to the organisation’s current strategic direction.

Section 3. Recommendations and Conclusions: (30%)

3.1 Recommendations: You are to put forward three detailed, relevant, realistic and fully justified recommendations. They should be designed to support strategic brand development with the aim of further strengthening the brand as well as addressing any brand related limitations identified in Section 2. Within each of your recommendations, include – where relevant – details of suitable branding metrics, and indicate the required integrated management activities to support successful implementation of the strategic brand management recommendations.

3.2 Conclusions: Draw your report to a close with a concise conclusion.

Imprtant note:
should include context and figure with referencing or labeled tables, pictures of life line of the products and the development of the architecture design and logo changes.

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