Non-Western International Relations Theory

Non-Western International Relations Theory: Perspectives On and Beyond Asia
Barry Buzan and Amitav Acharya (in conversation with Dan Plesch and Meera Sabaratnam)

Fill out this note-taking guide.

Note her focus on origins of the discipline. Do you agree, at least at the outset, that this is a good place for the conversation start? Why? (1-2 sentences).

What is difference between ir and IR? ____________________

Called “Centenary”…..because “founding myth” of IR is that it started in what date? ______

“Introduction” slide:
Busan uses the idea of ________________ structure to establish link between ir and IR.

Locates the roots of modern ir/IR in _______ century.
Why does he choose this time frame (instead of Ancient Greece, for example)? ___________________________________

General Historical Background (1)

First World War usually seen in IR as major historical disjuncture separating distinct periods. This is true mainly for ____________ countries, but not _______________.


General Historical Background (2)
Colonial international society remained ______________.
_____________ and ______________ were legitimate throughout
Mainly _____________ with _______ and ________ as late arrivers.

Distribution of power was ____________

“Modernity” remained key to wealth and power. What is his definition of modernity (bottom of slide)?

General Historical Background (3)

The First World War as first __________________
Big hopes for:_____________
What killed the attempt to revive pre-1914 economic order?___________
What rival ideologies emerge to compete for future of modernity?______________


Period 1 IR – 19th Century to 1918 (1)

From beginning, modern IR as reflected and been shaped by:

IR largely reflected concerns and perspectives of:

Stark contrast between “___________” core and _________- periphery
IR is seen as among “__________” states.

Period 1 IR – 19th Century to 1918 (2)
The main framing theories:
War, Strategic Studies, Geopolitics – e.g., (one example)
International Law, International Organization, International Society – e.g., (one example)
Imperialism – e.g., (one example)

Why does no one read Reinsch anymore?

“There is IR before IR. The only thing it doesn’t have is ______________.”

Period 1 IR – 19th Century to 1918 (3)

IR thinking in the periphery mainly motivated by __________ and __________, and therefore, ____________.

Key themes:
_______________. Example:
_______________. Example:
_______________. Example:
_______________. Example:

Period 2 IR – Interwar Years to 1945
Core IR’s First Founding and (founding myth)

Emergence of IR with contested names:

The myth of the “great debate” _____________________.
He calls this a myth because it was actually constructed ______________.

The core becomes obsessed with ______________________

Period 2 IR – Interwar Years to 1945
IR in the Periphery

General motivation:
How important is League of Nationals and war/peace issue in the periphery?


One key point that you take away from this concluding slide:
What is his point about the “virtual second founding of IR”?


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